As your income increases, so should your income replacement coverage

You insure your most important assets like your home and your car, but there’s no asset more valuable than your personal income. As your income increases so does your need for higher coverage on your disability insurance. With the benefit increase riders offered by the disability insurance companies that we work with (for which you might have a policy from – even if we are not your original agent), you can increase your coverage to keep pace with your increasing earnings. We can do increases for your policy.

The increase rider allows you to increase your coverage based on your current income under certain policy terms and provisions. The nice thing is that no medical insurability would need to be proven to take advantage of an available increase (based on financial, occupational, in force disability coverage, and other considerations).

Does your existing policy have any medical exclusions that were added to it? *
We will help to review existing exclusions to see if they can be removed. We will also scan the market to see if we can find a policy that will improve on any existing limitations in your current coverage.
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Maximum upload size: 20.97MB