Guardian Disability Insurance Questions


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1) International Payments: Is the 12-month max period standard or is there anyway that this could be waived or increased by some sort of extra rider (I have strong ties to another country and if I was to become disabled it is possible that I would end up not staying in the US)?
2) Does the Guardian quote you sent me include the 10% resident discount?
3) How much does the catastrophic disability rider generally cost?

Based on what I’m seeing, I’m leaning towards going with the Guardian plan and buying the cheapest 30-year level term life insurance we can find.

1) There is no way to add a rider to extend the international payment clause with Guardian. In fact, no carrier offers this. Metlife's Omni Essential was the only plan that did no specifically limit international payments and they just discontinued the sale of all DI products a month ago.

2) Yes it does but we need to validate it. Which hospital residency program are you at?

3) I will add Catastrophic so you can see the price increase. Keep in mind that you can vary the amount of Catastrophic and the elimination period for that rider as well.

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