Critical Illness Insurance from American General


AIG CriticalCare Plus  insurance gives you the flexibility you need to cover a variety of expenses associated with a critical illness diagnosis.

• Pays a single-payment benefit — from $10,000 to $500,000 — directly to you, to use any way you want

 • Covers a broad range of conditions most likely to cause major lifestyle changes, including heart attack, stroke, cancer and kidney failure

• Term options of 10, 15, 20 and 30 years available

• Loss of Independent Living Benefit covers the inability to perform two or more major daily activities (eating, dressing, etc.) without assistance

• Can cover your spouse and children on the same policy

• Preventive Care Benefit pays up to $50 a year for a wide variety of medical tests

• Benefit Extension Rider pays a benefit on a second or third critical illness, or on a second diagnosis of the same illness3

 • Occupational HIV coverage for healthcare professionals (optional coverage for medical personnel only)

• Should you decide to seek a specialist for a second opinion, you’ll have a free membership in Best Doctors®  referral service

 Benefits payable are subject to the terms of the policy, including limitations, reductions and exclusions.  Not all benefits are available in all states.

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