Are you looking to have an insurance agent work to find the policy that is absolutely the best plan for you, with “best” being determined by you?

If so, you need look no further.

If someone is approved for life insurance, how can they tell if the policy is the lowest cost policy in the entire market?

If someone receives a Preferred rating instead of Preferred Plus, is it possible to obtain Preferred Plus elsewhere (thus lowering the cost)?

We are experienced in understanding the specific benefits of working with one company vs another for all health conditions and other application specific details.


The same applies with Disability Insurance.  You want to protect your income with a high quality disability policy.  How can you know that your agent is reviewing quotes from all carriers?  How can you be certain that the back exclusion on your policy needs to be there?  Well, you cannot pick up the phone and ask the insurance company directly and if the agent does not have experience in navigating the nuances of disability insurance policies (and more specifically, disability insurance underwriting), you might end up with a policy that is not as comprehensive as it should be.  You also could end up paying more for a plan that is inadequate for protecting your most valuable asset – your ability to earn an income.