It is good practice to review your disability policy annually to ensure you are at the best level of income protection for your current (or upcoming) financial circumstances.


We have created this brief checklist so people can do a quick review for themselves to see if the time is right to do a review of their plan. Not intended to be all encompassing, and this is not a recommendation or prescription spefically for you, just some things to get the wheels turning.

Here are the circumstances that we see most often from our clients where they want to review their coverage (check yes/no for each):

FIO Review
Job change or anticipated job change in next 12 months (includes completing residency/fellowship)
Details for "Yes"
Moving from: Med Student to Resident, Resident to Fellow, or still in training for a while
Details for "Yes"
Increase in income (greater than 10%)
Partnership and/or Private Practice
Group benefits from work changed -or- I want a review of my group plan
I really just want to get an overview/review of all of this, it's been awhile
My policy has required reviews by the carrier
I may need to review term life insurance, or have questions about my term life coverage
Details for "Yes"
I want to review disability and/or term life for my spouse/partner as well
Details for "Yes"
I have another individual plan I got somewhere else, could use some guidance there too

If you checked "No" to everything above, you are likely in great shape - WELL DONE!

If one or more of these came up as "Yes" we should do a review for you (no charge of course, no hassle, not all paths lead to just buying more insurance)

Fill in these few fields below and we will have your agent reach out to you (they'll get your checklist answers as well):

Existing Carriers
Will this change in the next 12 months (new contract, job change, promotion, etc)?
Do you, or will you, have group disability insurance from your employer?
Current insurance details/info
Life is busy, what is the best way for us to follow up with you?

Maximum file size: 134.22MB