Instant Disability Insurance QuotesInsuring Income specializes in providing personalized disability insurance quotes.  We look forward to helping you with this.

The proposals you will receive will receive vary based on your occupation [to include medical/dental specialty-specific language, where applicable], state of residence, income level, career stage, etc.

Carriers we work with include: Ameritas, Guardian, Mass Mutual, Principal and Standard (the “Big 5”), as well as Assurity, Fidelity, Illinois Mutual, Lloyd’s of London and Mutual of Omaha.


A Disability Insurance Quotes and Sender


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Our goal is simple: To get you the most complete set of proposals for disability insurance.

By completing the form at this page, we will have all the information that we need to prepare disability insurance proposals for you. We will be able to research discounts and find the policy that is ultimately best for you. It will take about 2 minutes to complete the form.

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Are you a member of the US military?
Which branch of the military are you in?
Are you receiving disability benefits from the military?
Please indicate the amount and "percentage" you receive from the military disability program. What is the disability from (tinnitis, etc)?
We understand that as a medical/dental student, there is no base income that is paid to you. Feel free to detail any income you have from other sources.

Breakdown of compensation (military personnel only)

Employment Type
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Please select the program that you are in at the time of completing this form, even if you are heading to another program in the months to come
Please indicate the residency program that you will be in after medical/dental school is completed. If you have not matched to a program, please leave blank
For current residents that intend to do a fellowship, please indicate anticipated year for completing fellowship.