A specimen policy is meant to allow consumers to review a particular insurance policy, in a generic form.  An approved policy could include the wording that is found in a specimen policy.  Ultimately, all disability insurance policies need to be underwritten.  Through underwriting, an individual could find out that the insurance policy is unavailable or that the policy would be issued in a modified manner.

Sample Disability Insurance Specimen PoliciesPlease note that policies vary by state.  These specimen policies are meant to be educational in nature.  If you have specific questions, please do not hesitate to ask.  We can point you to the appropriate state specimen policy.

Each insurance company uses an occupational class rating system.  It is possible that particular wording is available for one occupation with insurance company X, but not available for other occupations.

Take a moment to review the policy nuances that are seen in the specimen policies.  One company defines “Residual Disability” as something that is similar, yet different, than how another company defines “Residual Disability”.  Nuances are found across any and all policy provisions.



Disability Insurance Policy Provisions Explained


“The Big 5”


Ameritas Dinamic Foundation Disability Insurance Specimen Policy

Ameritas Cornerstone Disability Insurance Specimen Policy

Guardian Provider Choice Premier Specimen Policy

Guardian Provider Choice Select Specimen Policy

Mass Mutual Radius Disability Insurance Specimen Policy

Principal HH750 Disability Insurance Specimen Policy

Standard Platinum Advantage Specimen Policy

Standard Protector Platinum Sample Policy

Standard Protector Essential Specimen Policy


Additional Carriers


Assurity Century+ Sample Disability Insurance Policy

Mutual of Omaha Sample Disability Insurance Policy

Lloyd’s of London

Illinois Mutual




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