Many people do a financial review once per year or a few times per year.  In doing so, investments accounts and retirement accounts can be the center of attention for the review.  Many people overlook the importance of having an understanding of how and when they would be paid if they were to become too sick or hurt to work.

A group disability insurance policy might be part of an employee benefits package at the office.  Take some time to read the details of when the policy would pay.  We would recommend sending an email or stopping in at the Human Resources office to ask for the specific details of the plan that you have.

Bring this document to your annual review and talk about how it pays for:

  • What if I am completely unable to do my specific job?
  • What if I can still do my job, but not for as many hours or days per week?
  • Maximum coverage Depression, Anxiety?
  • What is the elimination period or waiting period before benefits can be received?
  • Is the benefit going to be taxed as ordinary income?


Feel good about knowing how the group policy would pay.  Think about if it makes sense to obtain an individual policy.  The individual policy could allow for benefit to be paid on top of the group benefit.  The individual policy is portable and allows you to continue to have coverage in place if you leave your job or if the company cuts the group disability insurance program.

Contact us at Insuring Income if you would like to receive long term or short term Disability Insurance Quotes.  We can prepare quotes for you to review at that annual meeting or we can arrange a call to talk about the options that are available.