Insuring Income has been helping American consumers to obtain competitively priced term life insurance since 2006.  We are licensed in all 50 states, plus Washington DC, and can help you to find the right level of protection from the “right” company so that you can have the peace of mind that comes from being properly insured.

Our website includes many tools that consumers can use to calculate the need for life insurance as well as to run instant term life insurance quotes with America’s top insurers.

In addition to our website, we have licensed insurance professionals that can speak with you or work with you through email to answer all of your questions.  The owner and founder of Insuring Income has helped numerous people to review options for insurance.



Life Insurance


Through working with people in a one to one basis, he found that many people wanted to be able to run quotes for insurance without having to bring an agent in first.  If they were able to determine the appropriate cost for a policy that they were interested in purchasing, they would then look to engage the services of an insurance agent that can work with the top life insurance companies.  People felt that the agent’s efforts should be focused on finding the lowest cost (from a A rated or better insurance company) term life insurance policy rather than focusing on educating about other types of insurance.  Although it is important to understand the options for Whole Life, Universal Life, and Variable Life insurance, many people do not find it to be appropriate to purchase these policies, based on their specific financial position.

A committed focus to finding the lowest cost term life insurance policy can ultimately end up in finding a carrier that offers a Preferred Plus rating where others might only offer a Preferred rate (as an example).  The difference in health rating approval can result in a substantial premium savings per year when comparing the two policies.  If we are looking at a 30 year level term life insurance policy, this premium savings adds up to be a sizable amount of money.

As licensed insurance professionals, we are compensated in the form of a commission if and when you purchase life insurance though Insuring Income.  If you work with us for quotes or for general advice, there is no fee that is due to us.  If you submit a life insurance application through our company and you later decide to withdraw that application, there is no fee due to us.  We are only compensated when you purchase a policy through us.  A commission is paid to an insurance agent however you purchase coverage, whether it be through us, through a local agent, or through another agent or broker.  Why not gain as much value from going through the insurance process?  This is where Insuring Income comes in.

Our goal is likely to be the same as your goal – To find the lowest cost term life insurance policy, based on the amount of insurance that you feel that you should have in place.  We can provide advice about which carriers are best for your specific situation.  We can also help to navigate the underwriting process, understanding that certain companies treat certain health conditions different than others.

Have you been declined for life insurance in the past?  Does your current policy have a less than optimal health rating?

We have access to specialty carriers that work with “impaired risk” applications.  Inquire for more information.

Many of our clients have worked with a local agent in the past.  We invite you to start the process of working with us.  There is nothing that we cannot do for you that a local person can do.


Disability Insurance

Insuring Income works with America’s top disability insurance companies to assist consumers with protecting their most valuable asset.

Disability insurance is a very nuanced product.  For this reason, we take the time to find the policy that offers the strongest contractual terms to protect you in your specific occupation.

Do you have group disability insurance and would like to see what kind of options are available for individual coverage?

Do you currently have no disability income insurance and would like to protect your income with high quality disability insurance?

Would you like to learn more about options for short term disability insurance?

Have you heard the phrase “own occupation” disability insurance and wondered “What is that and is it something that I can obtain?”

It is the countless questions that people have about income protection that formed the basis for Insuring Income.  We want to help as many people learn more about income protection and to ultimately take the necessary steps to secure coverage.  Contact us to receive quotes or to review options for coverage.


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