Are you looking to obtain a short term or long term disability insurance policy? If so, it all starts with understanding which companies can offer coverage to you. This would require finding an insurance broker that has experience in the Disability Insurance marketplace. Depending on your state of residence and occupation, there could be as many as 10 different companies that would insure you.

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Online Disability Insurance Quotes – Self-employed

Our staff takes your age, state of residence, occupation, income, details for existing disability insurance, amongst other variables, and works to generate quotes. The quotes that we send back to you will be ran at the maximum monthly benefit that is available to you. In order to keep the comparisons as similar as possible, we try our best to run each company at the same monthly benefit. If one is ran as a $6000 disability benefit (monthly) and the others are ran at $4000 of monthly benefit, it can be difficult to truly grasp the value of the $6000 per month policy relative to the $4000 policies.

We also will include the basic riders (provisions that are manually added to the coverage to strengthen the contract) that most consumers end up purchasing. This includes a provision that allows for the insured to be paid a partial disability insurance benefit if they are sick or hurt and only able to work part time in their job, or if they suffer a loss of income in their job. The rider is called Residual Disability Insurance (Partial Disability Rider in California).

A basic cost of living rider allows the monthly disability benefit to increase while on claim in order to help the benefit to keep pace with inflation. We will typically include this, but it is worth pointing out that it is the policy owner’s decision. If the rider is left off, the plan premium reduces. Consider this (and other) riders carefully when deciding to purchase a short term or long term disability insurance policy.

The future increase option rider (also known as benefit purchase rider, benefit update rider, future purchase option rider, etc.) allows the insured to potentially purchase more coverage if their income and other insurance justify an increase with the insurance company. This increase, if eligible for it, can be done without further proof of medical insurability. The quotes that we prepare will usually include this rider. We feel that it is important to have this. Keep in mind that the insured would need to be approved for this rider. Health history, occupational duties, and other factors could preclude the insured from having this rider.

Other riders that can be added to the policy include

Catastrophic Disability Rider
Unemployment Waiver of Premium rider
Retirement protection rider
Student loan payment rider
Extended Disability rider
COBRA Benefit rider

Feel free to research these riders by reading the Specimen Disability Insurance Policy from each company. You will receive a link to these specimen policies after requesting a quote. If you would like to see additional Specimen Disability Insurance policies, please inquire at our site.

Insuring Income long term disability insurance quotes will be ran as either a “to age 65” or “to age 67” benefit period. Carriers also offer the option to do a 2 year, a 5 year, or a 10 year benefit period.

The elimination period dictates when disability insurance benefits would begin to be accrued following a partial or total disability. The quotes that we run for you will include a 90 day elimination period in most cases. If you would like to see other elimination periods, please refer to the illustrations that are emailed to you. If you do not see the other options (30 days, 60 days, 180 days, 360 days, 365 days), please request these from us. Changing the elimination period will alter the premium just as changing the benefit period will.

We pride ourselves in being able to provide unbiased quotes for disability insurance. Insuring Income works with many of the nation’s top disability insurance companies. Work with us and enjoy the benefit of knowing that you have taken the necessary steps to protect yourself if the day did come where you were too sick or hurt to earn an income in your occupation, or in any occupation. Having a high quality disability insurance policy in place is commonly overlooked when people are planning for the future. Let us help you to figure this out and to fight to obtain the absolute strongest medical approval and lowest rate.

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Online Disability Insurance Quotes – Self-employed

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