Cardiac surgeons kept my grandfather alive for 15 more years, though he was told he would only have 5 left. My father still to this day continues his busy work life and exercise regiment because of his cardiac surgeon. Based on a visual test, these individuals are considered to be in great health, but underneath it all, heart disease created a desperate need for a triple and quadruple bypass. Without the great work from my family’s surgeons, their futures would have been severely cut short.

Because of my family history and background, I could not be more grateful to all the people in the cardiac medical community. Part of the way in which I show my gratitude is in the work we do: protecting economic value through income insurance.

With disability insurance, we laser focus on occupation. This is done so highly specialized individuals have a disability plan that lives up to the technical aspect of their day to day value created in cardiovascular medicine. This insurance has tight contract language so specialties and sub specialties are well covered. Through life insurance, we incorporate inexpensive term insurance plans that are layered strategically. This procedure keeps cost at an absolute minimum, while retaining the right amount of coverage in place, for the different stages throughout a medical career.

Our mission is to simply help those who help others.  We team up with the right insurance carriers who institute the best contract cost and language, so the cardiac professional is well taken care of…just as they take good care of us.