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Insurance Companies

We have relationships with most of America’s top rated term life insurance and disability insurance companies, enabling us to find the best solution for you.

Speedy Underwriting

Work with Insuring Income to get your life or disability insurance application approved as efficiently as possible. Experienced with just about every medical condition when it comes to underwriting.

Disability Insurance for
Physicians and Dentists

Working with the top specialty specific disability insurance carriers. Gain the peace of mind of knowing that if a sickness or injury prevents working in a medical specialty that a total claim could be possible with the right policy from the right company.

Meet The Team

The disability policies that we quote can protect you in your medical specialty. We specialize in
disability insurance for physicians and dentists.

Rob Thomas

Insurance Specialist

Rob joined Insuring Income in 2020. He’s been an insurance specialist since 2015, and joined the team because he believes in the value the brand delivers in life and disability insurance.

Rick Warren Jr., MBA

Co-Owner, Insurance Broker

Rick has been in the life and disability insurance business for 10 years. Since the majority of the individuals that work with Insuring Income are physicians and dentists, Rick has gained an expert level understanding of the intricacies of policy design. Rick prides himself in the work he does to find clients the absolute best term life health class along with looking for savings for clients wherever they can be had.

Term Life Insurance

Working with America's top life insurance companies.
Fixed premium polices along with laddered term plans.

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Specialty Specific Disability Insurance

Working with the top insurance companies that
offer specialty specific disability insurance.

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