I had a great experience working with Joe and Rick through Insuring Income. They helped me figure out which type of term life insurance was most beneficial for myself and my family and were quick to give me quotes for many different scenarios. They talked me through everything needed to apply and purchase insurance and were always quick with answers to questions I had. Lastly, they are continuing to shop around for me, just to make sure I got the best price for the product I chose. All in all, you can use Insuring Income with confidence that you will get the best deal for the best product.
Dr. Matt
Dr. Matt Anesthesiologist
Joe and Rick did an excellent job exploring my needs and then finding policies that matched well, and then they were able to get me a great deal on well-matched policies for disability income protection and life insurance. I was impressed by their prompt attention to my questions, their generous availability by convenient means of communication (email, text, phone), and their expertise in the available policies and insurance companies. With the level of service provided by these guys, there really is no need to have an agent who is geographically close to where you live.
Dr. Eric
Dr. Eric Emergency Medicine Physician
Hello I’d like to share my positive and easy experience that I had working with the team at Insuring Income. I was referred to them by a friend and the communication from Insuring Income was pleasant, reassuring, helpful, professional and most of all easy. I never felt pressure nor was I bombarded with emails. The team was there to support me and walk me through any questions or concerns I had. Including the arrangement of the medical testing which was also done at my convenience and with ease and professionally. I’m a busy Wife, Mom and Employed person who didn’t have much time like most folks yet the team at Insuring Income made everything I needed to do with great ease and they answered all my concerns and questions with the information needed and in a manner that let me know they were truly happy to help me and make things easy and comfortable for me. I am truly appreciative of the help from Insuring Income, and how I was supported and felt comfortable during the entire process; they helped me get the necessary coverage without causing me any additional stress or worry and I was delighted with the outcome. Insuring Income followed up with me right up until the end to ensure my satisfaction. I couldn’t be more pleased with my decision to work with them!
Mrs. Laura
Mrs. Laura Management Consultant
What a difference it was going through this company to get life insurance. I had tried through a company that my work had referred and it was a disaster, my monthly cost doubled from the quote. Working with Joe, he actually lowered the monthly cost from the quote. He was a true advocate for me and put me first. It was a great feeling knowing what was going on and being informed of the status of the application during the whole process. If the chance came to work with Joe again, I would in a heartbeat. I am going to send my family and friends to Joe and Rick.
Mr. Mark
Mr. Mark Firefighter
These guys were fantastic every step along the way! They always kept in close contact with me throughout the process of acquiring life insurance and made a complicated process very simple. I would wholeheartedly recommend Insuring Income!
Dr. Anna
Dr. Anna Neurosurgeon
This is THE person you want to go to for all your insurance needs!! Believe me he will beat the best offer you have on hand from others!! I got an incredible deal from a reputed company for a 20 year term life policy. I got at least a 20% better rate than my previous best rate I got from ‘trusted’ sources. I am going for every insurance need I will ever have with Joe and Rick. I very strongly recommend them for all your insurance needs. Trust me you won’t be disappointed. It was great working with them. And NO I am not paid, nor am I his relative or friend to write this recommendation.
Dr. A
Dr. A Emergency Medicine Physician
Joe and Rick have helped immensely in providing excellent advice as to what we need to do in order to help our family both save for the future and protect ourselves in the event of a loss. I have and would recommend them to my family members and friends who want to ensure their futures as well.
Dr. Diane
Dr. Diane Chiropractor
As I started 2014, I was concerned I was under insured with my term life policy. What I didn’t also realize was the disability policy I had lacked the riders necessary to get me through a partial disability, or to last me for decades in the case of full disability. Joe and Rick were able to get me better covered with my life insurance, and construct a “ladder” to give me appropriate coverage, while saving me money over my old term policy by offering more carriers. Further, they corrected my disability policy adding the necessary riders and again lowering my costs by moving me to a different carrier. I feel confident now that my family and I will be covered through whatever life brings. Thank you Joe and Rick!
Dr. George
Dr. George Radiologist
Joe and Rick at Insuring Income were wonderful to work with; they worked very hard to find a policy that was cost effective and tailored to fit my specific needs. After each interaction with them and throughout the process of looking at all the different policies out there, I always had a feeling that we were “leaving no stone unturned” and truly looking at everything available. They answered all the questions that I had and were completely transparent and honest throughout the entire process. You will not find a more thorough, ethical group of professionals to work with. I have recommended them to many colleagues and will continue to do so.
Dr. Ben
Dr. Ben General Dentist
Joe , Rick, and the staff (especially Sandy!) were great to work with while setting up with life insurance and long-term disability. They were helpful in answering any questions I had and providing info regarding policies. Also, I never felt like I was being pushed in a certain direction or sold something that I didn’t need, which is so prevalent with life insurance. Thank you for your help!
Dr. Nick
Dr. Nick Emergency Medicine Physician
I have been working with Joe for 8 years and have been more than happy. I am a physician who does not have much time to research all of the insurance options out there. Joe and Rick present all the options in a non-pushy way. They make the tedious process of researching insurance very easy and even streamline the application process. I no longer have to worry about my family being taken care of if an unfortunate event happens.
Dr. Matt
Dr. Matt Anesthesiologist
Very helpful with assisting my purchase of two term life insurance policies. Prompt communication and professional the entire process. I was happy enough with their help that I used them again to buy a second term life policy a few months later.
Dr. John
Dr. John Anesthesiologist


Term Insurance Amount Top Company Annual Monthly Type Age Gender

Banner Life



30 Year Level Term Guaranteed






To Age 65 Level Guaranteed




American General Life (AIG)



30 Year Level Term Guaranteed




Cincinnati Life



25 Year Level Term Guaranteed






20 Year Level Term Guaranteed




Occupation Age Gender Company Monthly Benefit Monthly Premium
Psychiatrist – Psychiatry Physician 40 Female Ohio National ContinuONII $7,550 $359.23
Sports Medicine Resident Physician 27 Male Ohio National ContinuONII $5,000 $119.27
Clinical / Medical Hypnotherapist 55 Female Standard $3,250 $201.60
Anesthesiology Resident Physician 32 Male Guardian Provider Choice Select $5,000 $158.68
Emergency Medicine Physician 37 Male Ohio National ContinuONII $11,375 $433.78
Interventional Radiology Fellow Physician 33 Male Ohio National ContinuONII $5,000 $126.42
Dental Hygienist 36 Female Assurity $3,150 $184.83
Retina / Ophthalmology Physician – Fellow 34 Male Ohio National ContinuONII $5,000 $146.83
General Surgery Resident Physician 33 Male Guardian Provider Plus Limited $5,000 $133.52
Engineer 35 Male Guardian Provider Choice Select $9,200 $208.10
Dermatology Resident Physician – Dermatologist 28 Female Ameritas $5000 $130.95
Anesthesia Resident Physician 38 Male Guardian Provider Choice Select $5000 $222.66 (would be less if we can use the resident discount)
Diagnostic Radiology Resident Physician 29 Male Ameritas $5,000 $100.66
Internal Medicine Resident Physician 26 Female Ameritas $5,000 $120.05
Software Engineer 30 Female Guardian Provider Choice Select $1290 $45.58


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We specialize in providing Own Occupation Disability Insurance Quotes that have Specialty wording in the contracts for Physicians and Dentists.  Are you a Surgeon, Emergency Medicine Physician, Anesthesiologist, Pulmonologist, or any other Specialist?  Are you an Oral Surgeon, Pediatric Dentist, General Dentist, or any other Dental Specialist?  If so, let us help to put Disability Insurance Quotes together for you.

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