Physicians commonly decide to purchase a disability income insurance policy at some point in their career. The majority of physicians purchase during or shortly before/after residency.

Special programs from various insurance carriers that offer non-cancelable, guaranteed renewable individual disability insurance allow a medical resident to obtain $5,000 of monthly benefit.

There are many ways to design an individual policy. Whether one person includes a certain rider or not has an impact on the policies ability to pay benefit during a period of being too sick or hurt to work in one’s given medical specialty.

The Physician disability insurance quote tool allows physicians in all 50 states, across dozens of specialties, to see pricing for various options. We lay them out in a lowest priced to highest price fashion simply for organizational purposes. A proper review of options needs to take into the specific needs of the insured.

We also perform checks for known discount programs at various employers across the US. Enter your employer name and look for the discount to be applied in the pricing results page. Please note that we will perform a more complete check upon submitting your name and email in the “Basic Info” step, if you so chose to submit.

We have included some important riders in the design side of the disability insurance quote tool. By default you will see that Residual rider, Future Insurability Option rider, and Cost of Living adjustment rider. These can be deselected in the input form or at the results page. Note that the Catastrophic Rider is also available but must be added to see the price.

The tool includes pricing for $5000 of Catastrophic benefit from each carrier.

Feel free to engage with our team through the tool. You can run some numbers on your own time of course...when ready, simple click through to the Basic Info step. We will send along some more helpful information when you submit that. Our goal is to make sure you are able to receive the pertinent information that is needed to make a proper informed decision.

If you are ready to proceed with a specific plan and product design, simply navigate through to the various tabs that are part of our system. You can complete the fact finder form in the final step. We would then reach out to make sure we can move through underwriting in the most efficient manner possible.

Disability insurance for physicians is what we do here at We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

Welcome to the Insuring Income instant disability insurance system. Results will show for the companies that offer own-occupation (with specialty language) disability insurance to physicians.
Please note that there could be a discrepancy between rates shown here and what the insurance companies ultimately have in their rate tools. In the case that there is a difference, the insurance company rates will always govern.

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  • Please note that although we have this instant tool, in no way, shape, or form are we indicating that this process should be navigated without an experienced professional licensed insurance agent at your side and with you after the policy is in place.

  • We can start with this tool and then really dive into the intricate details of a comprehensive income protection policy for physicians. We find that this tool can be good to use during the exploratory process as you consider different benefits to attach to your policy. Please let us know if you have any questions or if you’d like to review any component of a strong disability insurance protection plan with us. We look forward to serving you.

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