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We ran disability insurance quotes for the following occupation

Anesthesiology Resident Physician in Arkansas

Focus Carrier: Principal
Monthly Premium: $168.97
Monthly Benefit: $5,000
State of Residence: Arkansas
Benefit Period: To age 65
Elimination Period: 90 days

Premiums for the various proposals that we ran for this individual.

Insurance Company/Product Name Benefit Period Monthly Benefit Monthly Premium Cost Per $100
Principal HH750 To age 65 $1929.55 $168.84 $38.59
Guardian Provider Choice Premier To age 65 $4143.38 $345.28 $69.06
Guardian Provider Choice Select To age 65 $3216.46 $268.04 $53.61
Standard Platinum Advantage To age 65 $3813.55 $333.69 $76.27

You can view the actual sample policies for the plans. Please review these to learn more about each policy.

Sample Policy
Principal HH750 Specimen Policy
Guardian Provider Choice Premier Specimen Policy
Guardian Provider Choice Select Specimen Policy
Standard Platinum Advantage Specimen Policy

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