Available discounts on the Principal HH750 Individual Disability Insurance Policy

Principal Disability Insurance


Principal Disability Insurance
• Mental/Nervous Substance Abuse (MNSA) Disorders Limitation – A discount of 5% with a 2- or 5-year benefit period and 10% for all other benefit periods.  This will limit mental/nervous and substance abuse claims to a lifetime benefit of 24 months; stackable with either Multi-Life or Association and Select Occupation discounts.
• Association – 10% discount for approved associations with 100+ eligible members.  Mental Nervous/Substance Abuse rider
and discount may be required on Individual disability insurance policies; stackable with Select Occupation
and mental nervous substance abuse discounts.
• Multi-Life
– A 20% discount off unisex rates for Individual disability insurance and sex-distinct rates for Overhead Expense Disability Insurance and Disability Buy-Out Disability Insurance and Key Person Replacement Disability Insurance, stackable with Select Occupation and mental nervous/substance abuse discounts.

• Select Occupation – A 10% discount for “select” occupations. Eligible occupations include actuaries, architects, attorneys, certified public accountants, engineers, executives (earning more than $60,000), judges, pharmacists and more; stackable with either Multi-Life or Association discount and  mental nervous/substance abuse discounts.


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1No blood, urine, exams, EKGs or APSs required, unless a significant medical condition is reported by MIB, significant
medical information is obtained from the TeleApp or other available information, or any other disability coverage
has been issued or applied for on a non-medical basis. No financials required for incomes under $150,000 a year
for most occupations. Applications could be rated, ridered or declined based on all underwriting information
available; this is not a guaranteed issue program. Urine/HIV test is required in ME. Subject to Issue & Participation
limits and minimum premium requirement. Combined Simplified DI and Simplified OE benefits cannot exceed
$10,000/month. Not available to all issue ages.
2DI Retirement Security is issued as a non-cancelable, guaranteed renewable, individual disability income insurance
policy. It is not a pension nor retirement program or a substitute for such a program. DI Retirement Security is not
available for government employees or anyone who is over insured based on Principal Life’s current Issue and
Participation guidelines. It may not be available or the benefit amount may be reduced for certain occupations if
there is existing DI coverage with lifetime benefits. Additional underwriting guidelines may apply.
3The Multi-Life Discount is not available for business products in Ohio.
4Available for Disability Income, Overhead Expense and Disability Buy-Out insurance, based on state approval. For
state approvals, visit principal.com/distateapprovals.

5In CA, FL, LA and NV, the MNSA rider is required for single-life cases. It is not available for single-life cases in any
other states except when required for association cases or when certain riders are placed on a policy for select
occupations. For multi-life cases, the rider is required in CA and optional in all other states. Not available in VT.

6In TX, 24-month limit per claim, including recurring claims, 3 percent discount on 5-year benefit period;
5 percent for To Age 65 and greater. Not available on 2-year benefit period.

7In CA, unisex rates apply for Overhead Expense and Disability Buy-Out insurance.

8Key Person Replacement insurance is not approved in all states. Not available in CA. For state approvals, visit