Metlife Disability Insurance Discount of 10% for AMA Members

Metlife Disability Insurance

Practicing physicians and residents/fellows who are members of the American Medical Association (AMA) may receive a premium discount on MetLife individual disability insurance policies under this special program.



Program Details

Products Being Offered

MetLife Income Guard – A “to age 67” or “to age 70” benefit period in most states

Metlife Omni Advantage to age 59 in states without MetLife Income Guard (except CA)

Metlife Omni Essential to age 59 (all states except CA)

Metlife Salary Saver (CA only) to age 59



A 10% discount is being offered to eligible members of the AMA in most states with the following exceptions:

  • CA, MD, OH, VT: eligible for increased issue & participation limits only (no discount)
  • FL: 10% discount with MetLife Income Guard; no discount with Metlife Essential
  • NJ, NY, WA: 10% discount with MetLife Income Guard; 5% discount with Metlife Essential Disability Insurance Discounts are based on sex-distinct premium rates.


Additional Details

  • Group list billing is not available. Individual direct or electronic debit payment only
  • Lifetime Benefit Rider is not available.
  • Current policies owned by AMA members are not eligible for a discount; this program applies to new policies only.
  • Increased benefit amounts resulting from exercising guaranteed insurability options on policies issued without the discount are not eligible for the discount.
  • MetLife Income Guard includes “Specialty Your Occupation” language for many medical specialists. A “Your Occupation rider” is also available with Omni Advantage.


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Disability income insurance is issued by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, New York, NY.