We all know that it is commonplace for professional athletes to suffer injuries that could end someone’s career. It is something that we almost expect to see and whenever we see it, it always surprises. Disability Insurance for Professional Athletes can make a world of difference.

Disability Insurance for Professional AthletesIf I ask you to think about a time you remember an All Star athlete that went down with an injury, who comes to mind? Bo Jackson? Joe Theisman? Keith Primeau? Most of the career ending injuries actually happen to athletes that are not in their prime that leave us wondering “What If?”. Since there are younger athletes coming up through the system at all times, these athletes are almost forgotten. A bright future playing the game that he or she loved abruptly ends.


It is one thing to not be able to play the sport that they only dreamed of playing as a professional. It is another thing to not be able to earn an income any longer. Going from earning $800,000 per year, $2,000,000 per year, $10,000,000 per year, etc. playing sports leaves you in a position where that income is almost impossible to replicate in another occupation.


For the world’s best athletes, a disability can end the base salary that is paid by their team, and it can also end endorsement contracts. Without scoring 50 goals, throwing for 40 touchdowns, scoring 30 points per game, etc, the companies find new athletes that are in the news performing at a high level.


For many athletes, they are on a clear rise to the higher echelon in the league. The came into the league as a top prospect, being paid $800,000 per year. 2 year later, they signed a 3 year deal that paid them $4,500,000 per year. Now, the new 3 contract at $9,000,000 was just signed. If this athlete were to go down with an injury, one has to ask “How much money would the next contract have been for”?


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Work with us at Insuring Income to deal with protecting your income as a Professional athlete. Whether the sport is soccer, football, basketball, baseball, hockey, golf, boxing, etc, etc, we can help you to find an insurance policy that can protect you and your family. If an injury ends your career, you will have a disability insurance benefit coming in that you can use to figure out what the plan will be for after the pro ball years.


Disability Insurance for Professional Athletes

These plans are used in a number of ways to insure a professional athlete personally or to insure the team of which the athlete is a member as to the financial losses that result from a disabling accidental bodily injury or sickness. Career length varies by the sport in which the athlete performs . Exceptionally high earnings are generated in a short time span making the adequate insuring of the earning potential a primary financial planning process. Here are some of the uses of these plans:


Loss of Future Earnings

A professional athlete can anticipate income levels and probable playing time. A disability can affect the level of income to be earned in the future and a disability can shorten the career period. As an example, an athlete has no income assurance beyond the term period of the present contract. This plan can insure an income should disability shorten the expected career period.


Contract Completion

The loss of an athlete by disability puts the team in double jeopardy. Revenue may slip and the team must continue to pay the non-performing athlete. These plans can insure the contracted compensation to the athlete, thus relieving the team of that financial burden.


Loss of Endorsements

Endorsement income and fees continue to flow as long as the public remains fans of the athlete. A political statement, a drug involvement, a drunk arrest, a public relations issue, and the advertiser/endorsers pull back from sponsorship. This loss is also insurable.


Cost of Agents/Managers

During periods of disability it is in the athlete’s best interest to continue the use of agents and managers to keep the athlete’s value as an athlete and as a product spokesperson keenly in the minds of those who contract for their services . These costs can be insured.



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This Policy does not cover losses directly or indirectly caused or contributed to by:

War; Any attempt at suicide or intentional self-injury; The Insured person’s own criminal or felonious act; The death of the Insured Person; Conditions of Psychotic, Psycho neurotic or Epileptic origin; The Insured Person being under the influence of drugs or narcotics that are not lawfully available , unless prescribed for the Insured Person by a qualified health care practitioner; The Insured Person using any drugs or substances in violation of the rules or regulations of the governing body of the sport in which the Insured Person plays.