It should not take having a month named for “Awareness” of something that is so important to get all of us to stop and think about it.  Nonetheless, we have a Life Insurance Awareness Month that makes us stop and think about something that most people do not want to think about – our eventual mortality..ie death.

Instant Life Insurance Quotes for Life Insurance Awareness Month

There are so many other great things to think about that are going on with our families, things that our kids are doing, nonsense that we see everyday in the media, and other “things”.  Seeing our children grow to be happy and healthy might be someone’s most important priority in life.  It is for that reason that you owe it to yourself and your family to review your life insurance program.

Do you have group life insurance at work?  If not, take a moment to run some Instant Life Insurance Quotes below.  Use Life Insurance Awareness Month as your reminder to take a look at this critical benefit.

– If so, take some time to request the details of that plan from HR or whoever is in charge of the benefits at your workplace.

Do you have an individual life insurance policy (whether it be term life insurance, whole life insurance, universal life insurance, etc, etc)? – If so, give yourself a pat on the back.

Believe it or not, 95 million American do not have any life insurance.1


Are you in the group of 95 million that do not have life insurance?  Do you think that it makes sense to review your existing life insurance policy or policies to see if you can save some money on discounted life insurance or to see if you should purchase more (or to reduce) the total death benefit in your life insurance policy?

Most people do not realize how inexpensive term life insurance can be and they don’t realize how easy it is to obtain instant life insurance quotes.  In fact, there are programs today where you can apply and if you meet specific health criteria, you can obtain an approval without even having to have a nurse out to see you (blood/urine sample).  With this program, you can obtain up to $1,000,000 of life insurance in about a week (assuming that you meet the criteria for health risk).  If you do not meet the health criteria, that is not a reason to sweat or get worried.  Traditional life insurance underwriting takes a little bit longer.  In about 1-2 months of time, a life insurance company can have a nurse out to see you, gather up your medical records, allowing them to make a decision about your health class.  It is ultimately the health class that determined your premium rate at the specific company so push for that Preferred Plus life insurance rating.